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If you are looking for an herbal libido enhancer after checking that your sexual desire has decreased, see Andropharma Vigor.

Andropharma presents Andropharma Vigor herbal and nutritional libido pills to help those whose strength and sexual desire has diminished.

A healthy sex drive or libido plays an important role in man's sexual relationships. After extensive research and several improvements over the years, we offer our Andropharma Vigor pills with a third generation formula, aimed at boosting libido and improving sexual activity by increasing testosterone production and improving blood flow in the penis.

Boost Libido
The Andropharma Vigor supplement helps increase libido and stimulate man's sexual desire. Various ingredients such as maca, damiana and zinc, promote the production of testosterone or the activity of this hormone and give strength to the whole body. Testosterone is a key element in the sexual development of man. It also stimulates sperm maturation and influences semen characteristics, such as mobility.

Improve erectile quality
The quality of the erection could be expressed by the firmness and duration of the erection of the penis. For the erection to be successful and satisfactory it is important to have a strong and healthy blood flow in the penis. Several ingredients of our Vigor pills, such as ginkgo biloba and arginine, are intended to increase blood flow and improve erections.

Improve sexual function
Andropharma Vigor helps to achieve better sexual performance as well, thanks to its invigorating and stimulating characteristics. The famous Asian ginseng will revitalize your entire body and increase your sexual sensitivity. An increase in blood pressure in the penis has been observed and in some cases ejaculation has been delayed.

Get more lasting erections
Andropharma Vigor can help you improve your sex drive by stimulating the glands that secrete testosterone. This hormone stimulates the growth of the external genitals, increases semen production and enhances sexual desire. Hence, testosterone is considered as a key element for sexual development and male sexuality.