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Get out of the routine with the new Secret Play game

How do you play?

Very easy! Start the one that gets the largest number with the numeric dice. Roll the die with colored circles that will tell you the color of the type of tests you will need to do. In "WHO LIVE THE ROMANCE" you will have proof of the most romantic, with "LET PLANS" you will live the most sensual adventures, "Leave HOME" will allow you to get out of the routine on any day. The most sexual acts you will live if you are touched by "PRELIMINARES" or "TO THE GRAIN". And finally the one who falls into "PREMIO" will be able to enjoy the most spicy prizes.

To find out which of the activities you will have to throw the two numerical dice and these will tell you. (E.g. if the sum of 10 points on the dice comes out and you had fallen into the test type "AWARD" you will have to do the test 10. TO EAT!). In "LET'S MAKE PLANS" and "LEAVE HOME" you still can't run the tests at the moment but don't worry. You keep the tests and within a week you must complete them.


  • 72 challenge cards
  • Languages. EN/ES
  • 3 dice