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Satisfyer Women Disinfectant Spray Toycleaner

  • 149 kr

The Satisfyer was created to catapult you to cloud 9 on a wave of unforgettably intense orgasms. No wonder, then, that you want to keep your personal pressure-wave miracle worker close by your side. When you’re having so much fun, you need to clean your pleasure partner regularly and thoroughly to ensure that it remains like new for a long time. SO FRESH, SO CLEAN! The Premium Disinfectant Spray provides comprehensive hygiene for your Satisfyer, as well as all-round protection against bacteria and viruses. Effectively avoid fungal infections and other diseases, and enjoy fresh pleasure without hesitation, even with frequent use of your high-flying friend. USE To clean your Satisfyer thoroughly, start with mild soap and water. Thanks to its waterproof finish, you can be very thorough here. Lather your toy generously and rinse off. If your Satisfyer has a removable attachment, you can also clean this separately. Then spray the Disinfectant Spray several times over the toy’s entire surface. Once the surface is sufficiently moist, allow the disinfectant to act for 1-2 minutes, then wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Your Satisfyer is ready for your next bout of sensual pleasure!

Mängd: 300 ml

Properties "Satisfyer Woman Disinfectant Spray"

Content: 300 ml
Weight: 340 g
Contents: 100g of solution contains 0,24g Didecyldiemethylammoniumchlorid, 0,24g Alkyldimethylbenzylammoniumchlorid, 0,24g Alkyldimethylethylammoniumchlorid