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Satisfyer - Duelist, Blå

  • 349 kr

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Get ready for a duel! Seeking a penis ring that can handle anything and everything you bring to it? Check out the Duelist! The Duelist is an adjustable ring that allows for complete flexibility – no more struggling to find a penis ring that fits just right. This ring is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike, allowing you to explore the vast possibilities of penis rings! This elegant penis ring with a shiny slider has a ribbed structure for additional penile or testicle, and partner stimulation. This adjustable ring with a slider is truly one size fits all! With one motor and a one-touch button with 12 vibration programs, you will experience pure bliss with the Duelist! The Duelist is made of body-safe silicone, rechargeable, and waterproof (IPX7) rated. Do your due diligence with the Duelist!

  • 'Duelist' – adjustable ring to conquer anyone's pleasure!
  • Adjustable penis ring
  • Allows for flexible usage
  • Ribbed structure for additional stimulation
  • Elegant design with a sleek sliding adjuster
  • One motor with one touch button and 12 vibration programs
  • Dimensions: 14,0 x 10,0 x 5,0 cm