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Men´s expert - Ball stretcher

  • 99 kr

This 3 cm long leather look ball stretcher is made of PU with metal snap buttons. With two rows of snap buttons this stamina strap is adjustable from 4,5 cm to 3,5 cm in width, to enhance hardness and sensitivity.

Ball stretching is arousing and it brings pleasure. The pressure on the balls and the tight sensations when wearing a ball stretcher are particularly exciting.

Testicle stretchers tighten around the scrotum and bring the one of a kind sensations that are experienced during orgasm. The difference is that the tingling in an orgasm lasts for a relatively short time and the exciting feelings that ball stretchers bring can be prolonged. Feeling it move or tug while wearing a ball stretcher is erotic and wearing it during intercourse or while masturbating makes the experience more intense similar to the effect of a penis ring. Users also report improved stamina and prolonged orgasms. Last but not least, low hanging balls also look great. It makes them look bigger and longer, more pronounced, which in itself is stimulating too!

Additionally, ball stretchers are often used in BDSM for kinky games. From gentle teasing to cock and ball torture, testicle stretchers are popular with fetish lovers, it makes the bondage game more exciting!

  • Ball Stretcher
  • Length 3 cm
  • Adjustable strap
  • Leatherlook, made of PU