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Love balls - Kegel exercise set

  • 299 kr

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A set of 3 pleasure cones, each with a different weight, each with a convenient draw string. This set is perfect for a pelvic floor training in 3 phases, providing an intense pleasure at the same time. Start with the lightest one by practicing 15 minutes per day, and continue with the heavier ones later on, to gradually strengthen and tighten the vagina muscles. Improve and maintain bowel and bladder functions. Start the exercises with the lightest kegel. After some training you will be able to hold and squeeze the heavier ones.

Insert the kegel ball by pushing it gently in the vagina. Don’t press it to the back of the vagina. Keep at least 2 cm of the draw string out. Perform the exercise: contract the pelvic floor muscles and squeeze the ball. Remove the kegel ball by relaxing your muscles and pulling gently at the string. The kegel balls are easy to clean.

  • Set of 3 pleasure cones
  • Pelvic floor strengthening system
  • With retrieval cord
  • Ideal pelvic floor muscles training in 3 phases
  • Kegel weights: 45 gr - 75 gr - 105 gr
  • Kegel dimensions: 3 x 6 cm