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Mai Cosmetics - Toro Delay Spray 30 ml

  • 219 kr

The Toro Delay Spray Extra Strong with a double quantity of 30 ml is a product designed to improve male sexual performance and to ensure long lasting and maximum satisfaction in sexual intercourse thanks to safe, natural ingredients in harmony with the planet.

Mai Cosmetics has been aiming directly at the needs of its customers for years, and has now developed a 100% natural product, containing neither lidocaine nor benzocaine, to restore balance in male physical health. Thanks to their careful quality control, carried out directly in production, and absolute respect for the needs of customers and for the environment of which we are a part, Mai Cosmetics has gone beyond the product, creating a 100% sustainable packaging and providing its customers with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. The new Toro Spray Extra Strong is the perfect product for the winning man, in harmony with himself and everything around him.

This Toro Delay Spray with extra strong formula, completely based on natural extracts, respect the neutral Ph of the skin. Among the components are Laureth-9, the extract of red cinchona and the oil of cloves which, united together, act synergistically to modulate the sensitivity of the male sexual organ, delaying ejaculation, prolonging pleasure and bringing your body back to the naturalness of the male essence, for a long-lasting well-being, which goes beyond the single moment.

This product is free of animal testing, contains only herbal ingredients and is made in the EU. Vegan and 100% biodegradable. The product contains ingredients leaflets in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Russian.
Manufactured in labs with UNI-ISO 22716 certifications according to EC 178/2002 and 842/2004. Made in EU. Active ingredient: Laureth-9.